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Toslink to 3.5mm For Your Laptop

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I'm not a computer person, but this thing was easy to hook up to my TV.

I wasn't sure what to use to hook my computer up to my tv - this thing makes it easy.

It does what it says works right out of the box easy setup nothing extra to buy...

Toslink to 3.5mm For Your Laptop

Toslink to 3.5mm Audio Converter

Looking for a way to break your Toslink or Digital RCA SPDIF signal into separated 3.5mm analog signals? This high quality converter does the job with virtually zero audio loss.

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Toslink to 3.5mm Mini Audio Cable

Note: Your system must include optical support on its 3.5mm jack for this to work. Get the most advanced sound options using your 3.5mm optical port.

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Do You Need a Conversion Box Or a Simple Cable?

There are two types of Toslink to 3.5mm conversions: Digital to Analog and Digital to Digital. Toslink is always digital, but 3.5mm can sometimes be a digital/optical connection, and sometimes it can be analog. If you are trying to connect a toslink source (such as an Xbox, PS3, Blu-ray player, TIVO, etc.) to a set of surround sound speakers that use 3.5mm connections, then you are wanting the Digital to Analog conversion, and you will need the conversion box at the top of this page. If, however, you are trying to use the optical 3.5mm audio port on your Macbook or other device, and you want to send that audio signal to an audio receiver with a toslink port, you will want the Digital to Digital solution, which is the simple Toslink to 3.5mm cable.

The simple solution, check your specific model for compatability. (popular on Macbooks)

In this article we're going to explain what a Toslink to 3.5mm cable does, and why you want it.

Toslink is well established as the best audio connection for your home theater system. When running your PC on your TV, like we so often do here at PCOnYourTV.com, you don't only want great picture, but you also want great sound. Using a toslink audio cable from your computer to your audio receiver will provide the clearest, cleanest, best sounding audio you could hope for from your computer. Many of these computers not only support optical, but support surround sound through it. This means that your laptop could drive all of the speakers in your 7.2 surround sound system.

How To Use Toslink With Your Laptop

I can't say that I've ever seen a laptop that came with an actual full sized toslink connector on it. If you're using a desktop you may have one, but chances are your laptop doesn't. Most laptops only have 3.5mm audio jacks. Fortunately, most laptop manufacturers have started making those ports do double duty. They will still function as a regular 3.5mm stereo jack for your headphones or speakers if that's what you want to use them with. In many laptops today, however, they also have an optical port at the end of that 3.5mm jack. This means that you can stick either a copper or optical cable into the same port and get audio from either connection.

Now, you'll obviously want to check with your laptop manufacturer to see if they've included this funcionality before rushing out to purchase this cable. If your laptop does support this, all you need is a simple Toslink to 3.5mm cable. This cable has your standard Toslink connection on one side; designed to go to your receiver's Toslink input. On the the other end of the cable it has an optical 3.5mm connection; intended to be plugged into your laptop's 3.5mm jack.

What Are The Benefits?

This is a very simple device and it is designed for one specific task. This cable gets the best quality sound from your laptop to your receiver or Toslink capable TV. Not only will this cable transmit very clear digital audio signals, it will also support full surround sound signals as well. Who seriously still thinks stereo sound is enough when they could have 7.2 channel surround sound? The best part about it is that these new cables don't really cost any more than your regular 3.5mm cable.

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