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I'm not a computer person, but this thing was easy to hook up to my TV.

I wasn't sure what to use to hook my computer up to my tv - this thing makes it easy.

It does what it says works right out of the box easy setup nothing extra to buy...

Using a PC to TV converter for Karaoke



Every day computers are becoming a more versatile part of life. In many situations, computers that are used for business matters are also used for amusement. Additional hardware is now available in a wide range of options to keep up with the software being produced. Many of these products can be used to optimize a user’s computer experiences through various methods, including items that permit an individual to connect a personal computer to other electronics.

Software, such as karaoke programs, can allow groups of people to be entertained all at once, and they can be enjoyable for all age groups. However, it was once difficult for everyone to play crowded around a small computer screen, but now, hardware, called a PC to TV converter, is available to connect video and audio from a PC to any standard television set. With a PC to TV converter, it is possible to view the software directly on a TV screen via cords connecting the television to the converter to a computer. Several ports, including VGA, composite, and s-video, are available to filter the media through from the pc to the television giving an individual multiple options for connection. Also, note that PC to TV converters are often referred to as VGA to RCA adapters.

In addition, no software is usually required to allow most PC to TV converters to operate with any computer or television. Many converters also run their power needs through the user’s USB port. They do not need an additional power outlet to run, and they can simply sit near the computer and take advantage of an open port instead of extra wall space.

As well as video, a PC to TV converter will allow music to play through a television’s sound system permitting the user a larger range of sound. This also lets more individuals enjoy karaoke to its fullest because everyone in the room is able to see and hear the software on a larger, louder screen. Programs, such as karaoke, are produced for entertainment purposes, and what would the point be if everyone attending could not enjoy the activity?

A PC to TV converter allows every person to spread out and be comfortable in the room, all while being able to participate without any problems seeing or hearing the television. PC to TV converters are a minimal investment that allow you to take full advantage of any software you may have at your disposal, and they are particularly useful with any karaoke programs because of the links they create with video and sound.

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